The last year at Amazon was up and down, work wise. People tolerate bad organizations and management for a multitude of reasons, but what’s unfortunate, and disgusting, is when those organizations treat you expendable to your face. No goodbye, no wishing you well, heck, it’s standard practice to ask your employees why they’re leaving, what they can improve on, but nope, not even that. The labour management organization deserves every bit of the awful reputation they have in the world, and then some more.

I realize it’s frowned upon to air your grievances of your past employers — and this is only a small fraction of it — but this had to be said.

Best of luck to the small but mighty Alchemy team that was in many ways the highlight of my Amazon career. We’ve built, as far as I’m aware, the only design system in the world that’s fully AA accessible in both light modalities, and localizable on top of that. Plus, it’s the only design system that’s given some love to Arabic/Farsi speakers, with most of the site having Farsi examples to demonstrate the component’s embedded RTL switches.

Most of the time it was like a second job for me on top of the things I was officially working on, but it’s been worth it. Now to get a bit of rest before the next thing.